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Walk Our New Path to the Garden

Photo by Bruce Forster

This week, our visitors may have noticed a brand new path from the parking lot into Portland Japanese Garden. The path is North of the previous one and, as you may have seen, it meanders through what will be our Entry Plaza. From the moment you set foot on the path, you immediately feel a connectivity to nature. Architect, Kengo Kuma’s work is about a continuous flow of spaces, reinforcing the human relationship with nature and one another.

At one point, this area was a parking lot and it was sometimes unclear where the Garden’s entrance was located. Now, as visitors walk the path, they notice it takes a bit longer than before to enter the Garden. During that time, our guests are transformed into a mental state of peace and calm. The new plan will have cascading ponds with implications of continuity, linking, and looking forward. Water is a constant theme for Kuma-san and you will see it throughout the Cultural Crossing Expansion project.

Signs across from the tennis courts and our friendly staff members will help guide guests to our new path.