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A Letter from Portland Japanese Garden Trustee Doug de Weese

Portland Japanese Garden has become an essential cultural nonprofit organization over its nearly 60 years of existence due in part to the expert leadership provided by its Board of Trustees. Our trustees guide the Garden in planning its future, building connections with civic leaders near and far, and raising funds so it can continue to pursue its mission of creating harmony and peace.

One of these leaders is Board Treasurer, Doug de Weese, someone for whom supporting the Garden is an inherited tradition. We are honored to share this letter from Doug, in which he explains how Portland Japanese Garden has been an important part of his family’s life and how he hopes to see it continue to be a beacon of hope for future generations.


Dear Friends,

Community is what happens when people come together to create opportunities to work, learn, and grow. The Garden does that by bringing together people of all backgrounds, to be a place of great beauty and peace, fostering inclusion, understanding, and collaboration.

My dad really valued civic duty— he was deeply involved with key local organizations (Portland Public Schools, OMSI, Portland Japanese Garden) to help Portland grow and prosper. He also had deep business ties and a love for Japan and its culture. I’m honored to serve on the Garden’s board and be able to follow in my dad’s footsteps.

Doug de Weese and his wife Bee. Photo: Jonathan Ley

As new parents, my wife Bee and I hope that the Garden will continue to be a place where the next generation can feel the deep connection to both Japan and Portland.

Doug de Weese
Treasurer, Portland Japanese Garden Board of Trustees