Asian American and Native Hawai’ian/Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month 2024

mother and child at the Garden in late spring

Asian American and Native Hawai’ian/Pacific Islander Heritage (AANHPI) Month is a time to reflect upon and celebrate the remarkable role of the AANHPI community in our nation’s history. Founded in 1963 to heal the wounds of World War II, Portland Japanese Garden is proud to represent this community and exist as a place that can continue to Inspire Harmony and Peace. Learn more about our history.

In recognition and celebration of AANHPI Month, Portland Japanese Garden will be hosting and participating in a few local community events. Please check back soon for more information as details are being finalized!

Oregon Rises Above Hate

May 4, 2024 / Time TBD, Lan Su Chinese Garden

Oregon Rises Above Hate (ORAH) is a local community organization that goes beyond promoting general inclusivity by specifically emphasizing the importance of amplifying the voices of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) communities. One of its key strategies involves uniting AANHPI organizations across Oregon to collectively advocate for their rights, address issues affecting their communities, and celebrate their rich cultural heritage.

By bringing together AANHPI organizations, ORAH provides a platform for these communities to have a collective voice in discussions surrounding social justice, equity, and representation. This collaborative approach enhances their visibility and influence within the broader Oregonian society, fostering greater understanding and solidarity across diverse communities.

Furthermore, ORAH actively participates in raising awareness about AANHPI Month, which is observed in May each year. Through various events, educational initiatives, and cultural celebrations, ORAH works to elevate the profile of AANHPI Month, highlighting the contributions and experiences of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders throughout history and in contemporary society. This serves to foster greater recognition, appreciation, and respect for the AANHPI community’s diverse perspectives and experiences among Oregonians and beyond.

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