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Forest of Dreams: Historical Perspectives

Photo courtesy of Greg Archuleta

The exhibition Forest of Dreams: Ainu and Native American Woodcarving feature the art of Ainu carvers from Hokkaido, Japan, and Native American artists of the Lower Columbia River Basin. Please join us for a set of lectures from cultural educators whose invaluable guidance made this project possible.

Kenji Sekine, Language Teacher at Nibutani Ainu Culture Museum in Nibutani, Hokkaido, will present on “The Ainu Spirit World: Current Reflections.”

Greg Archuleta, an educator and member of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, and one of the exhibition’s contributing artists, will present “Story, Story: A Chinookan Perspective,” an exploration of the lifeways of the Chinookan people.

Photo courtesy of Kenji Sekine

Both lectures will focus on the life and tradition of these two cultures, drawing from the speakers’ own knowledge, lived experience, and cultural fluency to illuminate the ways of both the Ainu and Chinook from their ancient pasts into the present day.

These lectures will be given at the Cultural Corner. Open to the public.

For a list of all upcoming special events commemorating the opening weekend of the Forest of Dreams exhibition, please refer to this agenda of Opening Weekend Events.