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Calligraphy Exhibition by Meito Shodo School

Photo by Jonathan Ley
Calligraphy by Yoshiyasu Fujii

This exhibition of calligraphy by Master Calligrapher Yoshiyasu Fujii’s student group, Meito Shodo-Kai, will be on display in the Pavilion Gallery from May 27-28.


Master Calligrapher Yoshiyasu Fujii began calligraphy studies at the age of five, in his childhood home of Saga, Japan. Fujii’s profound knowledge and mastery of the technique and history of calligraphy are the key to his freedom in creativity. Though he devotes a great deal of his time and efforts in continuing his teacher’s legacy to promote the cultural and academic education of Japanese calligraphy, Fujii is also passionate about expanding the art of calligraphy as a legitimate art form in the Western world. The goal of Meito Shodo-Kai Japanese Calligraphy Association is for as many of the world’s people to know and understand properly the art of Japanese calligraphy.

Photo by Jonathan Ley

As part of this exhibition, a Calligraphy Demonstration by Master Calligrapher Yoshiyasu Fujii will be held Saturday, May 27 from 2-4pm in the Yanai Classroom in the Cultural Village. Learn more about the event.



The Pavilion Gallery is used for exhibitions and special events. Architectural features include shoji (translucent paper panels) and verandas that connote the integration of house and garden. The overlook offers a spectacular view of Mt. Hood to the east.