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Waza to Kokoro – Hands and Heart: The Use of Stone in the Japanese Tea Garden

This 12-day seminar focuses on stonework taught in the traditional hands-on method offered in the context of the culture of the way of tea – an immersive learning experience of not just the techniques but the cultural heart of the Japanese garden. Content includes:

  • Opening reception with guest speaker Marc P. Keane
  • History module
  • Design module
  • Garden clinic
  • Practice with traditional Japanese tools
  • Preparatory lectures for hands-on workshop
  • Instruction in tea ceremony
  • Food culture lectures
  • Hands-on workshop for designing, selecting materials for and constructing the nobedan and tsukubai elements of a tea garden
  • Pruning master class

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Please note that the Garden Workshops involve some physical work. If you wish to participate and have any limitations or concerns, please contact us for information.