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Spring is here! With it comes joy, lightness, and sense of renewal unlike any other time of year. In the Garden, buds are coaxed open by the sun, bare branches transform with new growth, and bright pops of color catch your eye from afar.

While the subtlety of different shades and textures of green are thought to promote the tranquility and harmony sought by a Japanese garden designer, flowers are treasured by the Japanese and the seasonal blooming of trees and shrubs is highly celebrated. Spring, in particular, brings bright pops of color and contrast that can only be enjoyed during this moment in the year.

The cherry blossoms or sakura (the national flower of Japan) and camellias tend to bloom in Portland Japanese Garden early, but soon, start looking for pieris (also known as andromeda) in bloom near the Upper Pond in the Strolling Pond Garden and in the Natural Garden. Soon, we will start to see dogwoods, azaleas, and rhododendrons in bloom.

STATUS UPDATE (April 13, 2020):  Bright new growth, flowering blooms, and soothing shades and textures of green bring palpable springtime energy. The cherry blossoms throughout the Garden are still in bloom but are fleeting!

Resources for Enjoying Spring at the Garden

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Spring-themed Zoom Background

In celebration of this season of new beginnings, we wanted to share a spring-themed Zoom background to bring a piece of the Garden to your virtual gatherings.

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