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Special Message

A Letter from Portland Japanese Garden Trustee Doug de Weese

Portland Japanese Garden has become an essential cultural nonprofit organization over its nearly 60 years of existence due in part to the expert leadership provided by its Board of Trustees. Our trustees guide the Garden in planning its future, building connections with civic leaders near and far, and raising funds so it can continue to

Special Message

A Letter From an Early Champion

Portland Japanese Garden has grown and flourished because of the support it receives from its generous members, donors, and community. This nurturance began in the 1960s when Portlanders banded together to create a Japanese Garden. One extraordinary figure who helped realize Portland Japanese Garden is Margueritte (Maggie) Drake. The first female board president of the

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Sharing the Garden’s History

Our CEO Steve Bloom recently sat down with C-SPAN to share the Garden’s history and importance of our foundation of peace and understanding to bring cultures together. Click the image to view the full interview.

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A Reminder of Peace and Reconciliation

In addition to Professor Takuma Tono of Tokyo Agricultural University, the original designer of Portland Japanese Garden, eight Garden Directors and two Garden Curators from Japan have overseen the development and maintenance of the original five gardens over its 60 years. This lineage of Japanese wagashi (garden master) has made our garden unique among Japanese

Photos & Video Art Exhibitions

Kasagi: Gates of Hope

In 2013, two nearly identical beams of a sacred Shinto gate landed on the Oregon coast after having been tragically washed away in the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. After traveling 5,000 miles across the Pacific, incredibly, these two crossbeams, known as kasagi, landed within 120 miles of each other less than one month