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Subtle Expressions of Culture: Peter and Beverly Sinton Discuss Donation of Japanese Textiles to Portland Japanese Garden

Portland Japanese Garden is excited to showcase the art of gift-giving through the exhibition Painting with Thread: The Art and Culture of Fukusa, featured in the Calvin and Mayho Tanabe Gallery from June 22 through September 16. Fukusa are ornate works of Japanese silk that were traditionally used in formal gift-giving rituals amongst prominent families in Japan starting around 350 years ago during the Edo period (1603-1868). The fukusa (gift covers) featured in the exhibition were generously donated along with a collection of uchishiki (decorated altar cloths) to the organization by San Francisco residents Peter and Beverly Sinton, longtime fans and collectors of Japanese textiles. This exhibition marks the first time the nuanced artistry of fukusa has been displayed in Portland Japanese Garden.  

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Cultural Partner Spotlight: Tea Ceremony Expert Jan Waldmann

Portland Japanese Garden is honored to have the dedicated support of local artists, musicians, and practitioners who share their expertise and talents with our guests at cultural demonstrations and performances. They help us pursue our mission of Inspiring Harmony and Peace by shining light on Japanese culture as a form of cultural diplomacy. One such individual is Jan Waldmann, who sat down with The Garden Path to talk about her nearly 50 years of collaboration with the Garden.

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Forest Bathing to Better our Health

Of the more formalized approaches to leveraging the special qualities of nature, forest bathing, or as it was first coined in Japanese, shinrin yoku, has started to grow momentum in the American cultural zeitgeist.

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Spirits Were High: ‘In Praise of Time’ Gathers Whisky and Culinary Experts for Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience in Portland Japanese Garden

Portland Japanese Garden has always simultaneously been, outside of Japan, a place of unparalleled Japanese landscape art and North America’s foremost Japanese cultural organization. Just as the Umami Café offers guests the rare opportunity to enjoy world-class green tea direct from the acclaimed 160-year-old Jugetsudo tea company or how our exhibitions showcase some of the finest traditional and contemporary Japanese artists, the organization is always seeking to broaden understanding of the many fascinating qualities of Japan. In July, the organization turned its attention to one such item: whisky.

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The Year in Festivals 2023

Experience a year of Japanese celebrations with the Garden’s annual cultural festivals. Details for each event as well as registration information will be available closer to each event date and announced in our weekly newsletter.