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Cultural Festivals

Bon-Odori, Summer Festival

Bon-Odori at Portland Japanese Garden 2023

A highlight of summer festivals in Japan is the bon-odori (盆踊り/ Bon dance). Each region in Japan has their own version of the dance, as well as different music. In Japanese Buddhist tradition, bon-odori is a way to entertain and send off the spirits of our ancestors and celebrate life. Dancers circle the yagura, a high wooden bandstand for the musicians and singers. Dances will be taught by Chris Dart and demonstrated by dancers from Oregon Buddhist Temple. Come to learn the dances, see people dressed in yukata, and to hear and feel the sound of taiko drums.

Check back later for the schedule and video instructions for the dances.

Chris Dart (center in the red happi) and dancers from Oregon Buddhist Temple – 2023


Tateuchi Courtyard

The Tateuchi Courtyard sits at the center of our new Cultural Village. Providing a free-flowing space where visitors can immerse themselves in traditional Japanese arts through seasonal activities, performances and demonstrations.