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Mirrors of the Mind: The Noh Masks of Ohtsuki Kokun

Mirrors of the Mind: The Noh Masks of Ohtsuki Kokun / Photo by Jonathan Ley

A selection of hand-carved Noh masks by Ohtsuki Kokun and elegant brocade costumes from the traditional silk looms of Orinasu-kan in Kyoto bring the elusive world of Noh drama to Portland in the exhibition Mirrors of the Mind: The Noh Masks of Ohtsuki Kokun.

The exhibition is highlighted by performances by Noh actor Kawamura Haruhisa, who has been designated an Intangible Cultural Asset, during the opening days of the exhibition. A demonstration of Noh mask carving will be presented by Mr. Ohtsuki, who will also be present for exhibition’s opening days.

This aristocratic form of theater art is vastly different from the exuberant peoples’ art form of Kabuki.

A Window to the Soul

Discover the Noh mask, a “window to the soul” that captivates its audience by becoming its own character on stage through the living presence of the actor and the imagination of the audience itself.

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