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Summer Oregon Koto-Kai Concert

Join Oregon Koto-Kai on a musical journey with the captivating sounds of the Japanese koto. When Oregon Koto-Kai performs during their monthly Cultural Corner demonstrations at the Garden, they feature three musicians and play a 30-minute set. This 90-minute concert will feature performances by over a dozen members of Oregon Koto-Kai. The six pieces in the program will range from traditional Japanese songs to an arrangement of a rock song by Queen.

The 13-stringed zither, regarded as the national instrument in Japan, has over a thousand years of history. It is made of kiri wood (paulownia), with movable bridges, allowing the instrument to be tuned to a variety of traditional and modern scales. Koto players pluck the strings to produce beautiful, dynamic melodies. They must master a variety of unique methods to bring forth its lovely voice.

About Oregon Koto-Kai

Oregon Koto-Kai is a group of musicians passionate about playing the Japanese koto. Founded by Mitsuki Dazai in February 2012 with only six members, the ensemble held its first concert that fall at Epworth United Methodist Church in Portland, Oregon. Since that time, the group has grown to 20 members, and they are featured artists at many festivals and venues throughout the Pacific Northwest each year.

Mitsuki Dazai is a graduate of Tokyo’s prestigious Kunitachi College of Music, studied koto with the world-renowned virtuoso Kazue Sawai, and received her certificate in koto instruction at Sawai Koto Institute.


Jordan Schnitzer Japanese Arts Learning Center

The Jordan Schnitzer Japanese Arts Learning Center was designed to be the cultural, educational, and architectural hub of the new Cultural Village. “With a new classroom, library, and performance space, the Learning Center provides an open and welcoming space where visitors can learn more about the culture that gave us the Japanese garden art form,”