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Cultural Performance: Tsugaru Shamisen and Minyo Folk Music

Photo courtesy of Yumi Torimaru

Please take advantage of this rare opportunity to experience authentic Japanese music accompanied by musical group Takohachi (Yumi Torimaru and Kohgetsu Aoki). Takohachi is a local taiko non-profit organization that has been introducing Japanese culture through Japanese music since 2007. The group has transformed drastically over the years from a loud powerful taiko group to a more musical and theatrical, yet still powerful ensemble. The secret behind this transformation is Takohachi’s director, Master Ryuhiro Oyama of Oyama School, one of the biggest participants in Tsugaru Shamisen Association in Japan and Yumi Torimaru’s Shamisen teacher. This week, his sister who is a renowned Minyo singer, Chigusa Takehana (next ‘Iemoto’ of TakehanaKai), her daughter and apprentice Marino, and Master Ryuhiro are visiting Takohachi.