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Caring for Bonsai in Winter

The Garden’s continually rotating selection of bonsai on the Ellie M. Hill Bonsai Terrace has become a visitor favorite since our Grand Opening earlier this year. Through our valuable partnerships with local bonsai practitioners, our selection continually rotates with seasonal specimen.

As we near winter’s decreasing temperatures, we are approaching the end of bonsai season. In order to keep the bonsai healthy, most will need to be taken out of rotation during the winter season when temperatures reach 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It is currently estimated that the specimen will be removed from the Bonsai Terrace by Monday, November 13th. There is a slight chance the date of removal could arrive earlier if temperatures dip sooner than expected.

Photo by Julia Taylor

Never fear bonsai enthusiasts, we will still have two hardier specimen on display throughout the winter for you to enjoy: a large Beech Tree and a large Hemlock “Grove.” The Beech Tree can be viewed either on the Bonsai Terrace or the Oregon Terrace. The Hemlock “Grove” will be on display on the Oregon Terrace, which can be accessed on the second floor of the Jordan Schnitzer Japanese Arts Learning Center.

If you would like to learn more about the art of bonsai, the Garden will be hosting bonsai demonstrations in the Cathy Rudd Cultural Corner from 1-2pm on November 5 and 12 and December 10.