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Newsweek Magazine calls Portland Japanese Garden one of the top “Things to do in Portland”

Newsweek Magazine listed Portland Japanese Garden among “the Seven Best Things to Do in Portland, Oregon.”

Photo by Justin Leverett

Alongside other heavyweight local destinations as the Portland Art Museum and Powell’s Books, the article calls Portland Japanese Garden a must-visit in a city that is up-and-coming among destinations on the West Coast.

“… this hip Oregon city is now the one casting the shadow, offering cutting-edge and cool restaurants, coffee, bars, fashion and a Portlandia lifestyle that has been emulated all of the world.”

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You need not necessarily love all things Japanese or gardens to love the Portland Japanese Garden. It’s an oasis of tranquility that feels far from central Portland. The garden was conceived in the 1950s by the then-mayor of the city to bridge cultural ties with the Japanese after World War II.