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From AFAR: Portland Japanese Garden Among “Best Things To Do in Portland”

Wet heron lantern in the flat garden, summer view. Photo by Tony Small.

AFAR, an award-winning travel media brand, recently named Portland Japanese Garden as one of the best places to visit in a recent article. They note, “I highly recommend the Japanese Gardens in Washington Park. Portland‘s a relaxed place anyway, but the Japanese gardens, said to be the best example outside Japan itself, are a change of pace entirely, a shaded haven of trickling streams and artful horticulture. The day we visited there were a number of other visitors, some of them a little boisterous, and I was worried that we weren’t going to get the full calming effect, but there are enough paths and Zen sculpture gardens that you can find your own spot to sit and contemplate.” To read the full article, click the button below.